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Newsletter April 2020

This Month's Top Story

Covid-19 lockdown: a chance to reduce individualism?

While digital technology has been accused of many things, and in particular, of reducing social interactions, the current lockdown has highlighted its importance for social good.

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Why are some store shelves empty?

The current Covid-19 crisis has caused some unusual behavior in terms of consumption. As with most situations that threaten our livelihood, people have a tendency to stock up on basic...

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Cybersecurity: better safe than sorry!

Cybersecurity is not just about ransomware and viruses, it also includes information leaks that might come from a competitor. Yet in all cases, the primary means of security is human...

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Telecommuting and employee autonomy

During the current lockdown, telecommuting has been a blessing for many western economies that are based on service sectors. What if this boost in telecommuting opens the way for a new...

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