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Newsletter January 2019

This Month's Top Story

Training in data: a unique program for Asperger’s profiles

In January 2019, Grenoble Ecole de Management launched France’s first certificate in data training for Asperger’s profiles. The program is...

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The power dynamics in coaching

Interpersonal relationships are an essential part of coaching. Most coaches and coachees will take into consideration their personal relationship, while organizations tend to focus on...

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Women and digital jobs: a love-hate affaire?

In the digital sector, 33% of jobs are filled by women and only 16% when looking at technical jobs such as developers (source: Syntec Numérique, French digital ecosystem union). At 24...

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How can you encourage the success of a new product?

Why do some new products bomb even though they might have a great design? Often times this correlates to a lack of balance between market position and the target audience’s...

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