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Newsletter January 2021

This Month's Top Story

Covid-19 vaccinations: why are the French defiant?

Several vaccines were created in record time in order to help fight the spread of Covid-19. One such vaccine was developed by Pfizer/BioNTech using ARN messenger technology that was...

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Covid-19: why have soft skills become essential for companies?

Creativity, empathy, cooperation, autonomy… These are the foundations of soft skills that are essential to overcome challenges in agility. Why have these skills become so...

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The advantages of co-creating with customers

A new study analyzed the impact of the “Design your own Converse” program for 178 generation Y participants. The study results highlight the marketing advantages inherent...

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Brand names: How and why does sonority impact perception?

A brand name is never neutral. Not only does it identify a product or service, but it also shares information thanks to its sound, regardless of the name’s meaning. A...

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