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Newsletter July 2019

This Month's Top Story

Festivals: combining conservative and anti-establishment dynamics

At local, national and international levels, festivals are a continuously growing phenomenon. Despite their short-lived nature, many have earned recognition as enduring social...

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Forward-looking search: encouraging cutting-edge innovation

Innovation is an essential factor for the success of many companies, in particular those in dynamic sectors such as the high tech industry. As a result, innovation projects are often...

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Research and art: nourishing a virtuous cycle at GEM

Does art positively influence our perception of a brand, product or service? Two researchers at Grenoble Ecole de Management shared insights on this question during the Global Brand...

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TIM Lab: prototyping business innovation

The TIM Lab is designed to offer a space for learning, training and overcoming innovation challenges, improving business opportunities, encouraging creativity in business, and...

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