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Newsletter July 2020

This Month's Top Story

Will micro-adventures revitalize the future of tourism?

Discovering the marvels of daily life… Such is the motto of a growing number of micro-adventures that offer short, temporary excursions that take place near your home. During...

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How to recognize fake news?

Crises such as the Covid-19 epidemic create an environment filled with stress and anxiety. In this context, fearmongering, outlandish claims and other fictitious ideas can spread...

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Friendliness and competence impact online store experience

For many companies, the Covid crisis and its associated restrictions have created a need for better, more effective online stores. In addition, personnel in offline stores have had to...

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Emotional skills generate added value for business

Developing emotional skills for relationships within and outside a company helps improve efficiency and decision-making. In an environment where everything is moving faster and social...

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