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Newsletter November 2020

This Month's Top Story

What image does Grenoble bring to mind? Innovative, polluted, mountains, violent...

New research sheds light on the images associated with Grenoble and its region throughout history. Thibault Daudigeos

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Why choose a Solution Focused Approach?

A Solution Focused Approach builds on a resilient management perspective that offers a systemic approach to changing our management perspectives, postures and tendencies. The goal is...

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Skills that Asperger’s profiles manage better than most...

Are you looking to find analysts, developers and profiles in the field of big data? On december 10, Grenoble Ecole de Management will organize a Read article


Green IT: How can digital services be environmentally friendly?

What conditions can enable digital services to support the environmental transition? Do possible solutions include recycling, circular economies and dematerialization? We shine the...

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