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Newsletter September 2021

This Month's Top Story

Sharin'Grenoble 2021: Interdisciplinary Immersion Within the Challenges of Transition

On September 30, Grenoble Ecole de Management is organizing the sixth edition of Sharin'Grenoble, which will bring together the

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Specialized Masters in Big Data: Giving Data Value and Meaning

The Specialized Masters (SM) in Big Data at GEM/Ensimag, the Grenoble Institute of Engineering and Management's Grande Ecole for Computer Science and...

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The Back-to-School Challenge: 700 students involved in using digital technology mindfully.

Since 2018, the Back-to-School Challenge has been the flagship event at the beginning of the year for the 700 first-year students in GEM's Grande Ecole Program...

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Ethics in business: is it just a matter of individual psychology?

Gazi Islam is a Lecturer and Researcher at Grenoble Ecole de Management. He initiated a new research segment on psychology...

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