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September 2018

This Month's Top Story

Does permaculture offer an interesting alternative for human organizations?

How can the rise of new farming practices such as permaculture enable us to rethink the organization of society? This innovative question was at the heart of research designed to offer...

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A Rubik’s Cube to foster disruptive innovation

How can you develop innovative solutions or new applications for the energy industry by using a game? Grenoble Ecole de Management designed its Cubification* day to help participants...

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A direct link between bonuses and customer satisfaction

Research by O’Connell and O’Sullivan suggests that director bonuses depend directly on customer satisfaction, no matter the company’s financial results. These...

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How can the patient experience revitalize our healthcare system?

What do patients feel in the moments just before they receive the results of a diagnostic? How do they experience isolation during hospitalization? What uncomfortable situations do...

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