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Targeted Skills Training

Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) offers certificates that meet the demands of companies as well as regulatory requirements such as those enacted by the French government in 2014. The goal of these certificates? To make companies more agile by training employees in a manner that matches market evolutions.

In today's fast-paced market, increased competition has made it essential for companies to rethink their HR model. Employees need to be trained in specific skill sets that allow them to adapt to changes and successfully meet evolving job requirements. Certificates are a flexible and quick way of validating skills. "As companies evolve, we have growing demands for urgent training options that are focused on specific, or even niche, skill sets." adds Véronique Girod Roux, in charge of Executive Education Marketing and Development at GEM.

Training to meet market evolutions

With certificates, it's no longer a question of training modules, but rather skill sets. "One of the stakes is to make it easy for companies to recognize and understand the contents of a certificate. Right off the bat, even the title must efficiently communicate the content of a certificate. Our offers for example are drawn from our degree granting programs and are clearly organized by skill sets such as Leading Innovative Companies or Innovation Marketing and Management ." explains Véronique Girod Roux.

Among GEM's leading certificates, the Certificate in Innovation Leadership for example, is clearly organized around three skill sets: innovation management, design thinking and entrepreneurial management. This certificate, taught entirely in English, welcomes participants from around the globe and boasted a satisfaction rating of 96% in 2014.

Growing company agility

"Certificates help companies develop and expand their HR and training policies. They provide trainees with an opportunity to assess their skills and participate in short training programs that are focused on skills they need to meet specific strategic and operational demands." adds Véronique Girod Roux.

As organizations search for new ways to evolve and stay a step ahead of the market, certificates offer an efficient foundation to grow company agility and efficiency.

Updated on 04 June 2015 at 3h58 pm