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Theater in Management: Opening the Mind to Art and Emotion

The Grenoble Ecole de Management laboratory, periScope, is exploring new managerial possibilities through art and emotions. An opportunity for companies and their managers to gain in initiative. The laboratory, which focuses on innovative pedagogical research for continuing education, provides companies with tools to overcome the challenges of a transformation.

In November 2015, the periScope laboratory organized a half-day pilot workshop with partners such as BNP Paribas, Cardif, Groupama, SNCF, Harmonie Mutuelle, IKEA or Société Générale. Their collaborative worked highlighted several areas of interest for research in management.

Using mindfulness and role-playing to express oneself

Mindfulness allows practitioners to be aware of their surroundings rather than simply operate in automatic mode. The concept provides an efficient means to situate oneself in a team. Another useful tool: the theater. By using human emotions and the ability to let go, role playing scenarios and interactive games allow managers and employees to experiment with various roles and responsibilities. They improvise and share themselves by role playing sketches drawn from real-life managerial situations.

Serious games and collective decision-making

How can you test and confirm the role of the manager in our future business world? Serious games provide a pathway to experiment with various management environments and implement them with success. IKEA will be implementing an innovative experience along these lines: Over the span of one month, all management decisions will be made as a group. This experiment will give rise to strategic recommendations and practices that will be presented and discussed during a periScope meeting in February 2016.

Awakening hidden talents

"Art provides a cultural message that has been forgotten in the world of management despite its ability to unlock confusing situations. By renewing our ability to converse, which is essential for interactions and collaboration, by paying attention to a manager's verbal communication skills, their eloquence, tempo or energy, by encouraging figurative speech, we have the ability to overcome inhibitions and release stress within a group. These tools also help encourage speaking, emulation and the sharing of strong ideas. PeriScope combines artistic intent with service engineering. It explores the avenues for change within an organization and helps implement rapid improvements."

Marc Prunier - head of the periScope laboratory for pedagogical innovation (part of the Grenoble Ecole de Management Executive Education program); a professor of management of information systems and service engineering; and in charge of a MOOC on the digital transformation of companies.

Updated on 22 January 2016 at 11h43 am